Saturday, 21 May 2016

Parador Wood Flooring

Parador combines art of living with performance demand. For us, the art of living is an appreciation of beauty and to create inspiration out of it at any moment in time. Performance is a permanent feature of our life. Day after day, we demand performance. Delivering daily performance requires solid ground beneath our feet.t

Our val­ues
We have developed a value compass that guides us through all our decisions. It determines how Parador acts and gives what we do a sense of reliability. This applies to our company and our products – from the inspiration and the design through to the materials used. Many people love and feel the inspiration behind products. That is why we invest a lot of energy to create new possibilities and realise convincing products. Inspiring developments from the world of architecture and interior design prompt our product develops and designers to repeatedly come up with new ideas. The collaboration with outstanding personalities from the international design scene also contributes to the design variety of Parador floors, which puts the focus on the person and his ideas. Yet Parador's claim as a creative leader would not be a reality without our uncompromising perfection in production. Parador products are distinguished by a functional layer composition and intelligent technology; attention to detail, inventiveness and a willingness to develop go hand in hand with their manufacture. The result is floors and panels made of high quality and recyclable materials for a pleasant indoor climate, which delight demanding customers.

Design & In­spir­a­tion

For us, design is an expression of personality: it places the focus on individualism and independent ideas. Imaginative graphic motifs and decors open up an unlimited scope for creativity with uncompromising production perfection. Our internal design team and the collaboration with outstanding personalities from the international design scene are a guarantee of this scope. The result is convincing and unusual products that underline Parador's claim as a creative leader.

Many people love and feel the inspiration behind products. That is why we expand energy and commitment to create new possibilities and realise convincing products. Developments from architecture and interior design that provide impetus, a feel for trends, stimuli from lifestyle, handcraft and art repeatedly inspire our product developers and designers to come up with new ideas. This is how creative design, installation patterns and finishes emerge, which allow our products to become trendsetters in flooring design.

Unifloor products available from RGN Flooring Supplies Ltd

Jumpax Original

Jumpax® Original, is a unique acoustic fast-track sub floor preparation system for the immediate glue-down of all resilient floorings, such as sheet vinyl, LVT´s , linoleum, cork, rubber, but also carpet and carpet tiles.
This exceptional product is only 10mm thick, and produces a highly professional smooth finish over a very short period of time. The two self-adhesive components are quickly and easily laid as a free-floating sub-floor, instantly smoothing over typical irregularities.
The acoustic performance in combination with any resilient floor covering is outstanding! Impact sound reduction figures as from 21 dB DLw and higher are easily accomplished with any type of resilient floor covering bonded onto Jumpax® Original.


EcoPearls general purpose levelling grain, is an ecological dry building material, used to fill up cavities and to level out all types of problematic surfaces. It also offers excellent acoustics and thermal insulation properties. 
Besides its fantastic levelling properties and abilities to easily cover pipes and other feed lines, it also offers utmost stability. EcoPearls is environmentally-friendly, most easy to use and compacts down well.

Paladin 4 mm

Paladin® is an acoustic and stabile under flooring pad. With its limited thickness of only 4 mm, it is ideal for the floating installation of laminates, solid planks and engineered wood flooring.
Paladin® is made from pure wood leavings and is therefore absolutely friendly to the environment.
Because of it low TOG of only 0,7, Paladin® is most suitable to be used over floor heating.

PE-Foil 200 Micron
Polyethylene moisture resistant membrane 200 micron
Thanks to its excellent waterproof character, polyethylene separation membrane with a thickness of 200 microns is most suitable for floor-making companies for use as a moisture barrier under floating floors. Other possible applications include anhydrite and foam-concrete floors in industrial buildings. Due to its multi-purpose character it can be used also in the building industry as a covering membrane, or in gardening for membrane tunnels.