Monday, 27 January 2014

BerryAlloc is now available from RGN Flooring Supplies and it comes with a 
Lifetime warranty

For 60 years, innovation has been key in the BerryAlloc development model.

The BerryAlloc Research & Development division continually offers new solutions in terms of technical performance and durability. 
An example of significant evolution is the patented aluminium locking system on our High-Tech Laminate combined with an extra-resilient high-pressure surface.

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BerryAlloc respects the environment
The entire BerryAlloc collection has been awarded the PEFC-label (‘Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification’). This guarantees that our products come from sustainably managed forests.
BerryAlloc takes environmental challenges seriously, and lives up to the demands set for sustainable development. This is an important part of our business concept, and includes the entire product life cycle.BerryAlloc produces laminate products mostly from paper and wood, manufactured in accordance with the environmental certification standard ISO 14 001. 
Our products are manufactured, used and recycled in a health-and environmentally conscious manner. All laminate products from BerryAlloc are CE marked according to European requirements for marking of such products, and maintain full compliance with the annual registration and reporting requirements imposed by the relevant environmental authorities.

Lifetime warranty
Our installation systems are remarkably strong, and so durable that all our products come with a lifetime warranty for residential use. 

BerryAlloc has manufacturing sites in Belgium, Norway and France, and is present in well over 40 countries worldwide. 
The BerryAlloc brand is an international benchmark for flooring and wall panels. Targeted marketing of our sustainable laminates and high value-added wall panels has enabled BerryAlloc to successfully adapt to residential and commercial projects alike.

« Wherever. Forever. » 

‘Wherever’, because BerryAlloc products are suited for all uses, both private and commercial, and for all sites: apartments, shops, retirement homes, fitness...

‘Forever’, because BerryAlloc products have exceptional durability and come with a lifetime warranty.


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