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Engineered wood flooring plywood backing info

About Engineered Real Wood Flooring

The usual questions are asked by customers about the Plywood backing when buying an Engineered wood floor


How long has it been around?
What is it?
What is the difference?

How long has it been around?

To start off I have to make it very clear, Plywood has been used for 1000's of years and if it isn't broke then why fix it?? 
  • Archeologists have found traces of laminated wood in the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs.
  • A thousand years ago, the Chinese shaved wood and glued it together for use in furniture. 
  • The English and French are reported to have worked wood on the general principle of plywood in the 17th and 18th centuries. 
  • Historians credit Czarist Russia for having made forms of plywood prior to the 20th century as well. 
  • Early modern-era plywood was typically made from decorative hardwoods and most commonly used in the manufacture of household items, such as cabinets, chests, desk tops and doors. Construction plywood made from softwood species did not appear on the scene until the 20th century.
The findings from Archeologists and Historians shows that the use of plywood and wood veneers in household items dates back to Ancient Egypt/China, which considering Solid Wood floors only really started to appear in the middle ages (History of Solid Wood Flooring) these findings show veneered plywood was and always has been the more superior product to use in manufacturing/construction.

What is it?

Generally an engineered real wood flooring has 2 kinds of plywood structure:

  1. 3-layer. (3-ply)
  2. Multi-ply (Multi-layer)

3-layer Engineered Flooring is construction with grains running in different directions reduces the natural swelling and shrinking of the wood. The Surface layer Veneer/Lamella is usually 3-4mm sawn cut Premium Hardwood, with 9mm cross structure softwood pine and 2mm Back face poplar to achieve both Economy and Stability for the Engineered Flooring.
With 3-layer flooring, the veneer can not be very thick or very thin. If the veneer is thick, the bottom softwood may not able to hold it well so the floor is very easy to get bowed or warping. If the veneer is very thin, as the middle layer base is in “cross-direction” of the Top veneer, It’s easy to see “horizontal lines” on the surface.

3 layer (3-ply) engineered wood

Multi-Ply Engineered wood flooring is made up with 3-6mm Hardwood veneer + quality plywood structure. 
The plywood is normally cross structure with 1.5mm thick of each ply in odd number (5 layer, 7 layer or 9 layers.) and with the back layer same grain direction to the Hardwood veneer/lamellas.

Multi-Ply (Multi-layer)

Whats the difference?

Both Multi-ply and 3-layer can achieve many different specification of flooring,  but, Multi-ply is far more stable and can support thicker/thinner and small/larger sizes. 3-layer flooring can only achieve a small range of sizes.
As long as the correct ply is used is the correct way both are suitable.


Saturday, 21 May 2016

Parador Wood Flooring

Parador combines art of living with performance demand. For us, the art of living is an appreciation of beauty and to create inspiration out of it at any moment in time. Performance is a permanent feature of our life. Day after day, we demand performance. Delivering daily performance requires solid ground beneath our feet.t

Our val­ues
We have developed a value compass that guides us through all our decisions. It determines how Parador acts and gives what we do a sense of reliability. This applies to our company and our products – from the inspiration and the design through to the materials used. Many people love and feel the inspiration behind products. That is why we invest a lot of energy to create new possibilities and realise convincing products. Inspiring developments from the world of architecture and interior design prompt our product develops and designers to repeatedly come up with new ideas. The collaboration with outstanding personalities from the international design scene also contributes to the design variety of Parador floors, which puts the focus on the person and his ideas. Yet Parador's claim as a creative leader would not be a reality without our uncompromising perfection in production. Parador products are distinguished by a functional layer composition and intelligent technology; attention to detail, inventiveness and a willingness to develop go hand in hand with their manufacture. The result is floors and panels made of high quality and recyclable materials for a pleasant indoor climate, which delight demanding customers.

Design & In­spir­a­tion

For us, design is an expression of personality: it places the focus on individualism and independent ideas. Imaginative graphic motifs and decors open up an unlimited scope for creativity with uncompromising production perfection. Our internal design team and the collaboration with outstanding personalities from the international design scene are a guarantee of this scope. The result is convincing and unusual products that underline Parador's claim as a creative leader.

Many people love and feel the inspiration behind products. That is why we expand energy and commitment to create new possibilities and realise convincing products. Developments from architecture and interior design that provide impetus, a feel for trends, stimuli from lifestyle, handcraft and art repeatedly inspire our product developers and designers to come up with new ideas. This is how creative design, installation patterns and finishes emerge, which allow our products to become trendsetters in flooring design.

Unifloor products available from RGN Flooring Supplies Ltd

Jumpax Original

Jumpax® Original, is a unique acoustic fast-track sub floor preparation system for the immediate glue-down of all resilient floorings, such as sheet vinyl, LVT´s , linoleum, cork, rubber, but also carpet and carpet tiles.
This exceptional product is only 10mm thick, and produces a highly professional smooth finish over a very short period of time. The two self-adhesive components are quickly and easily laid as a free-floating sub-floor, instantly smoothing over typical irregularities.
The acoustic performance in combination with any resilient floor covering is outstanding! Impact sound reduction figures as from 21 dB DLw and higher are easily accomplished with any type of resilient floor covering bonded onto Jumpax® Original.


EcoPearls general purpose levelling grain, is an ecological dry building material, used to fill up cavities and to level out all types of problematic surfaces. It also offers excellent acoustics and thermal insulation properties. 
Besides its fantastic levelling properties and abilities to easily cover pipes and other feed lines, it also offers utmost stability. EcoPearls is environmentally-friendly, most easy to use and compacts down well.

Paladin 4 mm

Paladin® is an acoustic and stabile under flooring pad. With its limited thickness of only 4 mm, it is ideal for the floating installation of laminates, solid planks and engineered wood flooring.
Paladin® is made from pure wood leavings and is therefore absolutely friendly to the environment.
Because of it low TOG of only 0,7, Paladin® is most suitable to be used over floor heating.

PE-Foil 200 Micron
Polyethylene moisture resistant membrane 200 micron
Thanks to its excellent waterproof character, polyethylene separation membrane with a thickness of 200 microns is most suitable for floor-making companies for use as a moisture barrier under floating floors. Other possible applications include anhydrite and foam-concrete floors in industrial buildings. Due to its multi-purpose character it can be used also in the building industry as a covering membrane, or in gardening for membrane tunnels.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

RGN Flooring Supplies are now a distributor of Kahrs Wood Flooring..

History of Kahrs
Kährs is one of the oldest manufacturers of wood floors in the world and also one of the most innovative.
It began in 1857 when Johan Kähr the elder setup a shop in Nybro, Sweden, crafting wooden utility goods such as parts for spinning wheels.
In 1919, Gustaf Kähr, grandson of the founder, set up the company AB Gustaf Kähr. Under his leadership the company developed and became an important and innovative producer of woodenOne of Europe's leasing toy manufacturer beginning 1900s doors, toys, furniture and flooring. Gustaf was dedicated to find efficient ways to use the sustainable wood raw material and to improve the stability of wood when used in building materials.
His perseverance paid off when in 1937 he received the patent for the invention of the modern multi-layer, laminated door.
Following upon this success Gustaf Kähr worked hard to find a solution for the problem of gapping, twisting and cupping of solid wood floors. After several years Kährs was awarded a patent, in 1941, for the invention of today’s modern engineered hardwood floor, the multilayer floor


Experience is the best innovator. With more than 150 years in the business, Kährs is one of the oldest manufacturers of wood floors in the world. 
Kährs is still located in the town of Nybro, deep in the heart of a Swedish forest, where our company was born in 1857. The wood knowledge we have accumulated over the years has been passed down from generation to generation.
We are constantly discussing new ideas how to improve our floors. At work, we are trying, testing and eventually succeeding. But the goal is always the same: how to find ways to make our floors even better looking, stronger, easier to install and more sustainable.
We're proud that people all over the world appreciate the result. 
Today, our floors can be found in homes, offices, shops, hotels, concert halls, theaters and sports arenas from Europe and Asia to the Americas.

Kahrs Innovations

1941 – The multi-layer parquet board is born

A milestone in Kährs’ history – as well as in the history of wood flooring – was reached in 1941. Gustaf Kähr, grandson of the founder, was granted a patent for the multi-layered parquet board and the world’s first engineered parquet was born.
 Multi layer invention

1958 – The first factory-lacquered floor

Previously, floors were installed and sanded before being lacquered on site. The production of a factory lacquered floor required a high degree of precision to ensure that the surface of the floor was smooth and consistent in use. Kährs introduced an accuracy in production that was unparalleled in wood processing.
 First prefinished parquet

1965 – The first sports floor

Kährs patented a completely new sports floor construction. Boards were nailed to a flexible batten system, which resulted in a floor that was able to absorb impacts and give a more uniform response to sports activities. Most modern sports floors are still based on this construction.
 First sports floor

1984 – Solvent-free lacquer

Kährs began its own environmental programme long before it became general practice in the industry. Kährs was the first floor manufacturer to be able to boast an entirely solvent-free production process.
 First solvent free lacquer

1995 – Introducing a new generation of wood floors: Linnea

Kährs introduced Linnea, a floor range with outstanding qualities. Whilst Linnea has a thin surface layer, it is as hard and durable as many wood imitations, such as laminate floors. Linnea offers a combination of style, performance and ease of installation, and it´s eco-friendly, economical and genuine wood too.

2000 – Woodloc®, a world innovation

Kährs introduced the world’s first parquet floor with a glueless Woodloc® joint. The technology was seen as revolutionary, resulting in faster installation and giving perfect results, as well as eliminating gapping between the boards, caused by climate-change.

2004 – Activity Floor, the new sports star

Kährs developed and launched a new sports floor. Activity Floor can be laid quickly and over larger areas. It is approved by the global standard for sports floors - DIN - and used at major sporting events, such as the FISAF World and European Aerobics Championships.
 activity floor

2010 – The next generation wood joint

Kährs launched its next generation Woodloc® joint system – Woodloc® 5S. The revolutionary new joint makes installation even faster and easier, while producing a stronger floor.
 woodloc 5s

2011 – The world's first wood floors made from dual FSC® and Faitrade-certified wood.

Kährs manufactures and sells the world's first floor with both FSC® and Fairtrade labeled wood. Dual certification not only supports the restoration of biodiversity in the forests but will help alleviate poverty by bringing a sustainable income opportunity to local tree farmers/foresters.
FSC and Faitrade dual labelled wood

Friday, 3 October 2014

Real Wood Flooring October 2014

In Stock from early October...

Engineered Real Wood flooring
All products are sourced from European manufacturers and are suitable for Underfloor heating.

Brushed and Oiled Oak
Wide Board 190mm 
Thickness 20mm
Wear layer 6mm

Suitable for underfloor heating

                Coffee Oak
                        125mm Wide
                        14mm Thickness
                        Random length
                        Suitable for Underfloor                                     heating

European Oak
Smoked Fumed and White Washed
150mm x 18mm

Suitable for underfloor heating

Monday, 27 January 2014

BerryAlloc is now available from RGN Flooring Supplies and it comes with a 
Lifetime warranty

For 60 years, innovation has been key in the BerryAlloc development model.

The BerryAlloc Research & Development division continually offers new solutions in terms of technical performance and durability. 
An example of significant evolution is the patented aluminium locking system on our High-Tech Laminate combined with an extra-resilient high-pressure surface.

click here to watch

BerryAlloc respects the environment
The entire BerryAlloc collection has been awarded the PEFC-label (‘Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification’). This guarantees that our products come from sustainably managed forests.
BerryAlloc takes environmental challenges seriously, and lives up to the demands set for sustainable development. This is an important part of our business concept, and includes the entire product life cycle.BerryAlloc produces laminate products mostly from paper and wood, manufactured in accordance with the environmental certification standard ISO 14 001. 
Our products are manufactured, used and recycled in a health-and environmentally conscious manner. All laminate products from BerryAlloc are CE marked according to European requirements for marking of such products, and maintain full compliance with the annual registration and reporting requirements imposed by the relevant environmental authorities.

Lifetime warranty
Our installation systems are remarkably strong, and so durable that all our products come with a lifetime warranty for residential use. 

BerryAlloc has manufacturing sites in Belgium, Norway and France, and is present in well over 40 countries worldwide. 
The BerryAlloc brand is an international benchmark for flooring and wall panels. Targeted marketing of our sustainable laminates and high value-added wall panels has enabled BerryAlloc to successfully adapt to residential and commercial projects alike.

« Wherever. Forever. » 

‘Wherever’, because BerryAlloc products are suited for all uses, both private and commercial, and for all sites: apartments, shops, retirement homes, fitness...

‘Forever’, because BerryAlloc products have exceptional durability and come with a lifetime warranty.


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

F.Ball release new floor levelling compound.

So our friends in Cheddleton at F.Ball have released a new screed or 'leveller' to add to the well known stopgap range of floor levelling compounds including : Stopgap 300 and Green Bag.

Stopgap 1200 Pro

Stopgap 1200 Powder Mixed with Liquid
is a low odour, fast setting, fast drying, two component smoothing underlayment suitable for preparing sound internal subfloors prior to the installation of new floorcoverings. It is particularly suitable for use over old adhesive residues (including bitumen and carpet tile tackifiers) without the need for priming. STOPGAP 1200 can be used for patch filling timber floors prior to overlaying with plywood. It is suitable for use in clinical and biologically sensitive areas, clean rooms etc. STOPGAP 1200 mixed with STOPGAP 1200 Liquid has been tested in accordance with IMO 2010 FTPC Part 5 (IMO Res. MSC 307(88)) and Annex 2 item 2.2 and approved for use in marine application by DNV.

Looks like F.Ball are making a screed to match ARDEX Arditex NA. We have spoken to several fitters that have used Stopgap 1200 Pro, they have said nothing but good things about it.

RGN Flooring Supplies have limited stocks available now, will be ordering more depending on our customers reaction.

Buy here